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***NEW*** EA/Studio
Real-world process and conceptual modeling.

Embarcadero EA/Studio Business Modeling Tool is a tool for creating a graphical representation of your business from the core concepts that describe the business, to the processes that detail how your business operates. EA/Studio allows you to easily model your business processes and how those processes use data. EA/Studio Conceptual Modeling provides an intuitive way to outline subject areas and concepts that can then drive the creation of detailed data models. EA/Studio offers: Conceptual Modeling for top down database design, Business Process Modeling based on the BPMN notation standard, Intuitive interface suitable for both business and technical users, Support for Stewardship, Business Rules, and Business Units, Capability to link business processes with underlying data, Impact analysis and reporting, ER/Studio Import, Visio and Excel Import. To find Dutch Business Telephone Numbers you go to Skillshare | Zoek op nummer.

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Schema Examiner
Validate and fine-tune database schema with comprehensive diagnostics and reporting.

Embarcadero Schema Examiner ensures the integrity of database schema by performing a comprehensive set of diagnostic tests that validates the schema and ensures that the rules of the relational model are enforced. Detailed reporting and graphical documentation simplify the process of pinpointing and reviewing discrepancies. Schema Examiner also recommends changes to database schema and can automatically generate scripts to fix problems, providing an efficient and consistent approach to improving database design.

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DBArtisan 8.1
Maximize availability, performance, and security of databases throughout the enterprise.

The release of DBArtisan Workbench 8.1 solidifies Embarcadero's stronghold on the DBA desktop. It extends advanced storage, capacity, and performance management to current versions of DB2 UDB, Sybase ASE, and Oracle 10g. SQL Server professionals can also take advantage of the new Backup Analyst for Microsoft SQL Server that runs faster backups, takes up less storage, and offers more security

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DT/Studio 3.1
Transform, migrate, and integrate large quantities of data from disparate sources with this flexible, usable, scalable and affordable solution to enterprise data integration

Integrating data from sources within and outside of your company has traditionally been difficult and expensive. DT/Studio can help you overcome these barriers so you are equipped to address your company’s data integration needs, including those like application integration and migration that extend beyond data warehousing. It combines visual data modeling with a visual data flow designer and highly efficient ETL engine to make administration and implementation of your enterprise data integration projects quick and easy. And because DT/Studio’s ETL engine is powered by Java, you can extend its capabilities using Java and JavaScript to suit your growing business needs.

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Performance Center 2.0
Embarcadero Performance Center provides database professionals with an industrial-strength portal into complete performance management.

By supplying an automated strategy for identifying problems that threaten the availability and performance of critical Oracle®, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server databases, Embarcadero Performance Center ensures that relational database management systems enjoy maximum up-time and exhibit performance that exceeds user expectations. It quickly identifies performance problems, and helps prioritize performance-tuning workloads to keep your databases performing at peak efficiency.

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ER/Studio 7.1 Named 2006 Editors Choice Award Winner by IT Week Magazine

“We choose products which we feel will benefit our readers most and they are generally the leaders in their field, known for their technology excellence,” said Ken Durham, Editor, IT Week Magazine. “We do extensive research on all products we consider and then choose the ones we think will serve our readers best.”

Editors in the IT Week review noted, “There are many benefits and features of the Embarcadero ER/Studio 7.1 database design solution and it wins our Editor’s Choice award for functionality and value . . . If your corporate database administrators or support staff need an effective tool to construct database structures, then we think that Embarcadero’s ER/Studio 7.1 software may be the package that you’ve been looking for.”

ER/Studio 7.1, is latest release of Embarcadero’s data architecture and database design solution for the discovery, documentation, and reuse of data assets through visual data models. In the 7.1 release, ER/Studio builds on its enterprise model management and collaboration capabilities to help organizations take a global approach to two important aspects of data management: reducing risks associated with data security and enhancing data model quality.

“We’re honored that the editors of IT Week have recognized ER/Studio as the database architecture and design solution of choice,” said Greg Keller, vice president of product management at Embarcadero Technologies. “Embarcadero is focused on helping our customers cost-effectively design and implement high quality databases that reflect business needs, and this latest award attests that we are achieving that goal.”

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