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Client/Server Software Benelux
Visiting Address:
Zijlstraat 47
2011 TK Haarlem

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Postbus 5010
2000 GA Haarlem
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 23 542 22 27
Fax. +31 23 532 37 36


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HR/Resumes : resumes@csb-software.nl
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Our Tools

Our tools help companies build, optimize, and manage sophisticated database infrastructure that powers a wide variety of enterprise applications. Because our products work at both the database and the application level, we help to ultimately ensure that information is available when and where it is needed to support your business.

Our Customers

Our customers include global corporations, leading financial institutions, and government agencies throughout the world. In the Benelux we are a strong player on the market where more than 97% of the top 250 companies work with the software tools we represent. These companies depend on our products and services to keep them competitive. They choose our tools because of the reputation for excellence in products and services.