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Manage databases across the enterprise to achieve higher availability, performance and security.

Availability, performance and security are the universal goals of database administrators. Achieving these goals requires constant vigilance, contingency planning, and a huge amount of tedious work. Embarcadero DBArtisan liberates you from the tedium by providing comprehensive graphical facilities that make error-prone and time-consuming administrative tasks a thing of the past.

DBArtisan is the leading database administration solution for managing Oracle®, Sybase®, Microsoft SQL Server®, IBM DB2® on Windows/Unix/Linux, and DB2® for z/OS and OS/390. Its rich feature set helps you maximize the availability, performance, and security of databases throughout the enterprise. DBArtisan enables you to concurrently manage multiple databases from a single graphical console, creating dramatic productivity gains for both experienced and novice database professionals.

DBArtisan automates and streamlines day-to-day administrative tasks such as managing space, creating user accounts, altering objects, migrating schemas between development, test and production databases, monitoring performance, and much more. And because DBArtisan provides a common user interface for all major DBMS platforms, businesses can lower costs and boost productivity by standardizing on a single database administration solution.

Schema Management

DBArtisan provides unparalleled database object management capabilities. Its database platform- and version-specific graphical object editors and wizards allow you to create, drop or alter a wide variety of database objects, including tables, constraints, indexes, views, users, procedures, functions, triggers, groups, roles, profiles, and packages.

DBArtisan includes standardized, multi-tabbed, graphical object editors, for each database object type, which allow you to move effortlessly from managing a SQL Server or Sybase® schema to managing an Oracle® schema and vice-versa. The product contains full knowledge of the underlying DBMS system catalog, syntax, and alteration rules. In terms of documenting your schemas, wizard-driven report facilities can help you create frame-based web sites that contain one object or an entire database’s definition.

Security Management

DBArtisan can help you efficiently establish and maintain database security. Whether you're managing an existing production database or setting up a new one, you'll find powerful functionality to:

  • Manage users, roles, logins, profiles, groups, and aliases
  • Migrate accounts between the same or different database platforms
  • Manage password security
  • Grant and revoke roles to users and to other roles, as well as system and object-level privileges
  • Set privileges for multiple users in a single operation
  • Administer Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase remote servers

Space Management

Managing space is vital to ensuring the availability and performance of your databases. DBArtisan incorporates many built-in space features that enable you to smartly manage and exploit all aspects of your database’s storage. For advanced space analysis, DBArtisan’s optional Space Analyst component (purchased and licensed separately) contains sophisticated diagnostics to help you pinpoint all space-related problems in your database, as well as an intelligent reorganization wizard that can reorganize all or selected parts of your database

SQL Management

DBArtisan offers powerful visual tools for creating and analyzing complex SQL statements and server-side code objects such as stored procedures, triggers, etc. Using the Embarcadero Query Builder, you can construct even the most complicated SQL statements with point-and-click ease. As you select the objects and methods to use for SQL statements, DBArtisan automatically generates the code. The built-in syntax checking facility ensures that all SQL statements are built and run correctly the first time. DBArtisan’s feature-rich ISQL facility allows you to create, save, and execute all SQL code against your databases with ease. Built-in hotkeys and code completion features help you code SQL as quickly as possible.

To analyze and debug your code, DBArtisan provides built-in explain and performance execution analysis as well as optional cross-platform code debuggers (purchased and licensed separately) that you can use to troubleshoot server-side code objects. For unattended SQL capture and execution analysis, you can use the optional SQL Profiler component (purchased and licensed separately). Finally, to tune inefficient SQL code, DBArtisan integrates with Embarcadero SQL Tuner, allowing you to automatically rewrite poorly performing code into fully optimized SQL.

Job Management

Tasks, like large reorganizations or critical database alteration scripts, often need to run during off-hours. DBArtisan offers two different ways to help you get a handle on job management:

  1. DBArtisan freely integrates with the Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler, which allows you to schedule virtually any task to run on your own computer whenever and how often you’d like.
  2. For those wishing more robust job management capabilities, DBArtisan integrates fully with the Embarcadero Job Scheduler. From your DBArtisan desktop, you can build and schedule any command line or SQL job to run on any Windows, UNIX, or Linux machine in your job scheduler network. Within DBArtisan, you can deploy a SQL job to run on any machine in your environment. If you use UNIX or Linux, imagine – no more CRON files! You also have full control over every job you create and can stop, start, and analyze the output of any job you choose.

Data Management

DBArtisan provides comprehensive facilities to help you manage the data in all your databases. A visual data editor helps you add, change, and delete data from your database tables with all referential integrity being enforced. You can create insert statements for tables using current data and also extract data as XML documents for certain databases.

DBArtisan also offers wizard-driven utilities for migrating schema objects and associated table data from one database server to another. You can copy a single database object, all objects owned by a specific schema user, or an entire database. Alternatively, you can define a custom migration job that will migrate any group of database objects. DBArtisan can also perform combinations of cross-DBMS platform migration for common database objects, such as tables, data, users, indexes and views.

Performance Management

As a busy DBA, you can’t waste time trying to figure out critical performance bottlenecks in your database. Instead you need tools that take all the guesswork out of performance management and help you make things right again. DBArtisan offers a number of different options to help you manage the performance of your key databases.

  1. DBArtisan ships with a built-in process monitor that helps you understand who is connected to your database along with each session’s current activity. Locking details and other session-related data is also provided.
  2. For those wishing more robust performance details, DBArtisan’s optional Performance Analyst component (purchased and licensed separately) is a powerful client-side database monitor that runs fully contained inside the DBArtisan console. Embarcadero Performance Analyst provides intelligent database and OS diagnostic information and strong drill down details to help you get to the heart of any episode of performance degradation. Embarcadero Performance Analyst integrates completely with DBArtisan so you can fix any found performance problems with a few mouse clicks.
  3. If you need 24 x 7 unattended coverage of your critical databases, then you will want to look into the Embarcadero Performance Center. Performance Center is a separate enterprise-wide performance solution that can notify you around-the-clock of any performance problem requiring your attention and integrates fully with DBArtisan to help you fix identified performance bottlenecks.

Capacity Management

Planning for the future of your critical databases used to be a difficult task. However, DBArtisan’s optional Capacity Analyst tool (purchased and licensed separately) makes it easy to understand where your databases are today and where they are heading in the future. Embarcadero Capacity Analyst lets you track key database metadata and performance metrics over time so you can perform trend analysis on key areas like database growth, object fragmentation, database I/O, and session load. Smart forecasting mechanisms built intoEmbarcadero Capacity Analyst allow you to predict when your databases will run out of space or when an object will need to be reorganized.

Non-invasive Installation

Unlike other DBA tools, the base DBArtisan product does not install any objects on production database servers so you have no product footprint to manage. DBArtisan’s optional Performance Analyst component only installs two packages on each database it monitors. DBArtisan’s optional Capacity Analyst component does require the installation of several repository tables that are used to collect, retain, and analyze historical database information.

DBMS Support

DBArtisan supports the following DBMS versions running on UNIX, Linux, and Windows-based servers:

  • Sybase System 11.9.2 - 12.x
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 6.5, 7.0 and 2000
  • Oracle 7.3 - 9.x
  • IBM® DB2® on Windows/Unix/Linux 6.x – 8.x
  • IBM® DB2® for z/OS and OS/390 6 – 7 (IBM mainframe)

Embarcadero Space Analyst, Performance Analyst, and Capacity Analyst support:

  • Microsoft® SQL Server 7.0 and 2000
  • Oracle® 7.3 – 9.x

System Requirements

Windows® 98, NT, 2000 & XP

  • 128MB memory
  • 125MB disk space

Embarcadero Performance Analyst requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or later

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Key Benefits

  • Standardize on one solution for managing all database platforms throughout the enterprise
  • Lower costs and achieve higher productivity with a complete database administration solution
  • Experience higher database availability and performance through proactive management
  • Reduce errors and learning curves through visual database management
  • Manage more databases with existing staff