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Real-world process and conceptual modeling

Embarcadero® EA/Studio™: Business Modeler Edition is a tool for creating a graphical representation of your business from the core concepts that describe the business, to the processes that detail how your business operates. EA/Studio allows you to easily model your business processes and how those processes use data. EA/Studio Conceptual Modeling provides an intuitive way to outline subject areas and concepts that can then drive the creation of detailed data models.
• Business Process Modeling based on the BPMN standard
• Conceptual modeling for top-down database design
• Align technology with business goals
• Compliance with government regulations

BUSINESS PROCESS MODELING based on the bpmn standard
With EA/Studio, companies can easily document and understand their present day business processes, making it easy to examine, analyze and recommend changes. After analysis, companies can then use EA/Studio to design and codify changes to processes, and even manage and communicate interim processes used to affect those changes.

CONCEPTUAL MODELING for top-down database design Using the conceptual modeling capabilities in EA/Studio, it’s easy to create a high-level visual representation of your business. This easily understood model will help you get buy-in and clarifications on requirements as you begin your top-down database or business process design.

ALIGN TECHNOLOGY WITH BUSINESS GOALS By modeling the relationships between business processes and their underlying data, companies are better able to take advantage of their technology. EA/Studio makes it possible to do things such as identifying all business processes that modify customer data, or determine which business users will lose productivity when a system outage occurs.

COMPLIANCE WITH GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS Tying together an understanding of business processes, what sensitive data elements they interact with, and what individuals are involved is a key element in reaching compliance with government regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, or Basel II. With EA/Studio, both business and technical users can work together to assure the business meets appropriate government regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does EA/Studio work with ER/Studio?
A: EA/Studio offers an import/export bridge to ER/Studio, allowing you to import data models into EA/Studio. You can then create relationships between the entities and attributes from your data model and EA/Studio business processes, business units, and stewards. You can also export conceptual data models created in EA/Studio to ER/Studio as the foundation for logical and physical models.
Q: What is the BPMN standard?
A: The Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is an open standard developed by the Object Management Group (OMG) as a graphical notation to depict the steps in a business process. It is designed to be intuitive to the business community (using many common flowcharting shapes, for example), yet robust enough to allow for code generation (via BPEL, for example). EA/Studio provides full support for process modeling that adheres to the BPMN.
Q: How does EA/Studio compare with a BPM Vendor or Suite like IDS Scheer, Pegasystems, Lombardi, etc.?
A: EA/Studio is a lightweight business modeling tool that addresses process modeling (BPA) and conceptual modeling and its relationship to data. The core of EA/Studio is in helping data modelers and business users communicate better. Focused BPM tools focus more on the execution, simulation, and metrics associated with business process management.

Q: How does EA/Studio compare with EA vendors like Telelogic (Popkin) System Architect? A: EA/Studio provides a focused subset of a full enterprise architecture, offering deep functionality in the data modeling, process modeling, and the interrelationships between process and data. EA vendors tend to have light coverage in a broader range of areas, including assets, network, etc. For customers focused on data and process, we offer an easier-to-use solution, with a lower price tag, and robust functionality in the area in which we choose to focus.

Q: How does EA/Studio compare with a drawing tool like Visio?
A: In addition to diagramming capabilities, EA/Studio captures meta-data associated with business processes. This allows users the capability to model the relationships between business processes and data models, and to export information into a variety of formats, including HTML, .PDF, Excel, ER/Studio, etc.