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Data architects, DBAs, and developers use this powerful, multi-level data modeling application for logical and physical database design & construction.

Whether you are a data architect using models to help visualize and communicate the rules your business enforces on its data or a DBA building or maintaining database applications, ER/Studio can help you take command of your project. By using ER/Studio, you are better equipped to analyze, document, communicate, and implement the designs of enterprise-scale database applications. The product clarifies complex data design problems through visually clear ‘blueprints’, documents the databases, data warehouses and virtually any database driven application and assists the enterprise understand more about its own data. ER/Studio helps you to build quality into your designs and the databases it generates, as it automatically enforces sound database design principles as you model.

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Model-driven Data Architecture and Database Design
Complete Database Lifecycle Support
Enterprise-caliber Reporting
Flexible and open architecture
Quality-focused data modeling

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Product Resources

Product Overview
Data Sheet
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Key Benefits

  • Improve team collaboration and productivity.
  • Facilitates comprehensive documentation of
    your database to ease application maintenance.
  • Create superior database designs that offer
    better performance and flexibility.
  • Easy to learn and use due to the product's
    exceptional usability.