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Embarcadero Performance Center

Embarcadero Performance Center provides database professionals with an industrial-strength portal into complete performance management.

By supplying an automated strategy for identifying problems that threaten the availability and performance of critical Oracle®, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server databases, Embarcadero Performance Center ensures that relational database management systems enjoy maximum up-time and exhibit performance that exceeds user expectations. It quickly identifies performance problems, and helps prioritize performance-tuning workloads to keep your databases performing at peak efficiency.

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Key benefits

  • Ensure viability of every database with clear
    and concise methods
  • Enhance quality of management by using the
    Embarcadero Health Index which communicates
    overall performance level in a single statistic
  • View key information regarding problems in
    an easy to understand and navigate format
  • Improve response time by customizing when you
    want to be notified of problem situations