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Special Solution Pack
Embarcadero software makes database management easy - which is why over 90 of the Fortune 100 depend on our products. Whether you’re designing, developing or administering databases, Embarcadero Technologies has software to make you more productive, effective, and competitive.

Now, we’re making it even easier.

Embarcadero’s award-winning products for the database management life cycle have been bundled together into Solution Packs. Now you need only one tool set to accomplish all your cross-platform database design, programming or administration tasks – across Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server, Sybase® and IBM® DB2® UDB databases.

Which Solution Pack is right for you?

Because database professionals have varying needs, we’ve created five Solution Packs

  • Standard Edition
  • Administration Edition
  • Development Edition
  • Tuning Edition
  • Modeling Edition

All packs are designed to make you work faster and smarter.