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Transform, migrate, and integrate large quantities of data from disparate sources with this flexible, usable, scalable and affordable solution to enterprise data integration

Integrating data from sources within and outside of your company has traditionally been difficult and expensive. DT/Studio can help you overcome these barriers so you are equipped to address your company’s data integration needs, including those like application integration and migration that extend beyond data warehousing. It combines visual data modeling with a visual data flow designer and highly efficient ETL engine to make administration and implementation of your enterprise data integration projects quick and easy. And because DT/Studio’s ETL engine is powered by Java, you can extend its capabilities using Java and JavaScript to suit your growing business needs.

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ER Data Model Designer
Data Flow Designer
Extensible ETL engine
Wizard Driven development

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Key Benefits

  • Scalable and high-performance features that
    allow users to process increasing amounts of
    data in shorter times
  • Over 1,100 built-in functions to reduce
    complexity and training requirement
  • Metadata-centric approach to leverage and
    re-use existing metadata
  • Extensible architecture grows with
    your business needs
    Integrated with
  • Embarcadero’s products for a complete data management solution