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Integrating data from disparate sources is expensive and time-consuming work. Many data integration problems are left unaddressed or go undiscovered because the tools fall short. Embarcadero DT/Studio makes data integration simple by providing an affordable ETL solution with a full set of capabilities to help you address your data integration needs.

DT/Studio allows you to transform, migrate, and integrate large quantities of data from disparate sources. It consolidates enterprise-wide information, generated and maintained by different systems, into a standard format that every type of user can understand and analyze. By leveraging metadata to capture and document data assets, DT/Studio facilitates and improves the quality and speed of data used to make business decisions.

DT/Studio’s visual data modeling capabilities and visual data flow designer improve the speed and accuracy with which you can analyze source systems while at the same time provides the optimal interface for target design. When you combine this with the platform independence available through the 100% Java based engine, you have a complete end-to-end ETL solution for all your data integration needs.

ER Data Model Designer

The analysis phase of any data integration project is time-consuming. DT/Studio includes a Data Model Designer that gives you insight into your source and target data structures and their relationships to one another. This rich feature streamlines the analysis phase of your data integration projects through its visual data modeling component.

DT/Studio’s visual modeling capabilities, like reverse engineering, help you create comprehensive blueprints of databases and data warehouses. With a clear understanding of data sources, you are better equipped to implement reliable data integration solutions in less time, with less effort.

Data Flow Designer

DT/Studio provides the ability to visually diagram and develop the flow of data through your environment. It provides a Data Flow Designer that gives you the ability to easily drill-down on any part of the diagram to reveal more detail. At the granular level, DT/Studio presents wizards that guide you through the process of creating the data flow one step at a time to reduce errors and increase productivity.

The Data Flow Designer is a top-down approach to visualizing data movement, starting from the macro view of data sources and targets. Its design capabilities support the most simple data movements to the more involved column mapping and transformations.

Extensible High Performance Java-based ETL Engine

When developing an ETL project, you want a solution that delivers the fastest results. To achieve this, you need unparalleled development flexibility.

DT/Studio features a 100% Java based engine that gives you platform independence. You can develop on any supported platform and deploy on the same or different supported platform without making any changes. With the Java engine, you can embed your code within, or you can embed the engine in your code. This allows you to leverage your legacy code as well as bring new functionality into your legacy applications.

Working with Java makes it easier to create multithreaded and scalable programs and functions. You can use Java and JavaScript APIs to extend DT/Studio’s capabilities to suit your growing business needs. Java also gives you the ability to create custom calculations or transforms that can be used by others in your organization. With DT/Studio, you have all the tools you need to extend the Java engine in a truly efficient fashion.

Support for Wide Range of Data Sources/Targets

DT/Studio offers access to a complete set of datasources. This access enables data integration across a wide variety of platforms including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, IBM DB2, flat files, or any JDBC accessible datasource.

Ready-to-Use Data Transformers

DT/Studio comes with data transformation templates that can help solve common data integration problems such as de-duping data and cross-database joins in less time.

Over 1,000 Data Operation Functions

DT/Studio includes over 1,000 ready-to-use data functions to transform data, including standard data type conversions, financial functions, aggregations, weights and measures, dates, and more.


DT/Studio offers a number of Wizards that visually walk through repetitive, error-prone tasks such as aggregation of source data and flat file definitions with ease.

Supports XML

DT/Studio offers full support for XML data. You can use our XML metadata as a source or use it with your favorite third party applications to import or modify the instructions for the ETL task.

Remote Management Using a 100% Java™ Client

DT/Studio gives you the ability to manage and monitor DT/Studio ETL engines remotely from anywhere on a network using any Java- compliant client. Start, stop, or schedule DT/Studio jobs with ease.

Change Data Capture

DT/Studio offers a Delta Agent™ that lets you capture only the changes from the source system and send those changes on to the targets, reducing overhead and improving performance.

System Requirements

The following minimum system requirements are recommended for DT/Studio


  • Windows NT4 with Service Pack 4, Windows 2000 Professional or Server, Windows XP Professional,
  • Red Hat Linux 6.2 or higher, or Solaris 2.7 or 2.8.
  • 60 MB of hard disk space
  • 256 MB of RAM


  • Windows NT 4 with Service Pack 4, Windows 2000 Professional or Server, Windows XP Professional 60 MB of hard disk space
  • 128 MB RAM


  • Windows NT4 with Service Pack 4, Windows 2000 Professional or Server, or Windows XP Professional, or Red Hat Linux 6.2 or higher, or Solaris 2.7 or 2.8.
  • 20 MB of hard disk space

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Key Benefits

  • Scalable and high-performance features that
    allow users to process increasing amounts of
    data in shorter times
  • Over 1,100 built-in functions to reduce
    complexity and training requirement
  • Metadata-centric approach to leverage and
    re-use existing metadata
  • Extensible architecture grows with
    your business needs
    Integrated with
  • Embarcadero’s products for a complete data management solution